My Rules:
I will draw either hentai or yuri. I love to draw: fantasy costumes (nurses, bunny girls, etc), kinky interespecies (aliens, robots, ventriloquist dummies,), BDSM, and lots of cum bath! I wont draw: childish looking characters, incest, scat or abuse
My Pricelist (approximate):
167 Extra Votes:
Full color full body illustration (one character). 5-7 days outcome.
250 Extra Votes:
Full color couple illustration. 7-10 days outcome.
300 Extra Votes:
Full color threesome or random bukkakes. 7-15 days outcome.
500 Extra Votes:
Orgy up to 5 characters. 20-30 days outcome.

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(Lilo & Stitch, femdom/feminization) Nani Pelekai is dressed in a designer one-piece bandeau swimsuit with a long, loose, semi-transparent chiffon coat and designer sunglasses. She is relaxing on a lounge chair on the beach, sipping from a beach drink. She is watching her boyfriend, David Kawena, who is painted like a Geisha and wearing a slutty, tight micro kimono that exposes his pierced nipples, his small hard cock and tight, little balls, and the bottom of his ass. He is posing next to the lifeguard stand soliciting sex to several surf jocks, who are standing very close, almost surrounding him, and checking him out and feeling him up. [img id="4f281343d0dd7c28cd83c68daa3394de"] [img id="46660107fffc9fb1c830f0605f35b0dd"] [img id="4e7972b4fa42662aa023437072f3d3fd"] [img id="b125e89e9c6adfea9d853b3c0e4f76ef"]
David Kawena as slutty geisha Arts by: YogurYogur Idea by: Cannonct Added: 2018-08-18 21:37:03
Please draw Mary O'Leary drunk and sleeping
Drunk Magician with girl Arts by: YogurYogur Idea by: Chomek1 Added: 2018-08-16 18:31:00
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